Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cake/Food Stand

Ever need a cake or food stand ? I make them all the time for my parties. I use candle holders and plates, things I have around the house. I like to multi- purpose things. I also went to the Dollar Store for the black and white and the green and black stand.
I used this Fix all Adhesive from the Dollar Store
Depending on the plate, if it is heavy or not. I put heavy adhesive or lighter for lighter plates on the rim of the stand. Put a plate on top of the candle holder and then put a heavy book on top and let it sit for awhile. I usually I make them days in advance.
My proudest cake stands are the ones I just made recently for my daughter's Halloween birthday. The black and white and the green and black. Those only cost me $2.00 for each stand, plus paint. I got a clear candle holder and the plate separately from the dollar store and painted the candle holder green and the other black. The plates were bought that way. You could also stack them up, like I did here.

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