Monday, April 18, 2011

A Super Soaking Party

My son's 8th Birthday theme was a Super Soaking Party with water guns and all. What great fun they had !  After-wards he says to me "  Thanks mom that was an awesome party ! " Don't we all just want to hear those words. Thanks to my daughter and her friend, they help make the cake pops. Just about everything you see was made, from the cake, to painting  the cardboard signs, so it looks like wood. The rest is really just stuff being re-purposed. The runner is left over wall paper from a room we did. I'm sure you've seen that wooden cake stand before ?! It is just a wooden bowl turned over and displayed on a wooden vase. The Balloons were bought  and the straws were bought from Cupcake Social and of course the cake Bunting was made from Blu Embellish. Hopefully we have inspired a Super Soaking Party in your near future ! Enjoy !