Tuesday, January 18, 2011


OMG,  I've had these thought about making these cake banners for a while now. They were just bugging me. So, I am  pursuing it. Finally...... Don't we all want a Happy Day ?

This one was totally inspired by a few things, my love for chocolate cakes, love for wedding cakes, and love for " Sex In the City " episode when Carrie Bradshaw was walking by a shoe window display and says, " Hello Lover ! " C'mon.....You got to say it like she did. It sounds better ! Anyway, it has been fun making these cake banners and the inspirations behind them.

              Totally inspired by my great friends daughter's birthday party and her cowboy theme.

                                Check back often, I will be adding some more themes very soon.


  1. Those are super cute and so very different than the flags. Great job! I just joined WW and now I want Chocolate Cake! UGH!!